My story

wish I could tell you every story has a happy ending. Truth is most stories don’t end at all . Not really. Feels like everyday we’re making progress. But the question is where are we headed , and how much further do we have to go before we get there ?How long before we go from rebuilding back to just living gain ? And how long after that before this place goes back to being just like before?Sometimes it feels like Captain Trips flipping a beaker switch .Everything’s new, a chance to do it all different. But everyday I wonder … will we? will we do anything different this time ? Can we , even ?Are we capable?which brings me to you …… When you got here, you were perfect. Seven pounds , six ounces of everything I never knew I always wanted . Everyone broke out the liquor, just about all the booze we’d been hoarding, raised in a toast to you , to the future you promised . It was a hell of a party. And then ….Dr. Wen and I tried telling each other it was probably just croup or something. Even regular flu. Anything but that . But then , your neck started to swell. As soon as it was clear you had trips we all asked ourselves the question. 7.3 billion people caught Captain Trips. 7.3 billion people died . Not one person recovered. There was no hope . How could we let you suffer? I hate that the notion ever crossed my mind, but it feels important to tell that it did . But there was no way . I just couldn’t. Know Glen would say it was selfish to let you keep suffering to spare my conscience. Maybe he’d be right . I don’t know . No one had ever heard of someone improving once they caught Trips. Everyone we’d seen or heard about just got worse and worse until they died . Even when I knew we had you back. I couldn’t shake the image. There you were, surrounded by all those empty cribs. Of course they won’t stay empty. Jen and Tyler Curtis’s baby was just ten weeks behind you . he came early . But he never got Trips . First baby born to two immune parents. so far, so good . Maybe there’s hope for is yet . God , I wish you could meet Stu. People keep trying to get me to send Scouts to Vegas, see if they can find out what happened to our people, to Flagg, what made those flights in the sky . I keep saying , “No, it’s too dangerous, we can’t spare the manpower. “Is it possible I Just don’t want to know the answer ? I mean how long do I wait to accept that he must be dead? And how long untill I stop dreaming about him ?

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