Forgive but never forget. Those awful memories are what make for a better, stronger relationship, with hopefully better communication. So here is what I will say. Give me another chance because I need to prove you wrong. I don ‘t screw up a great opportunity twice, and often times I have to be alone to figure out what is truly best for me. I ‘ve had a lot of help in making this decision, and if I were going to leave again, I would not be trying so damn hard. Don ‘t give up all of our great memories for some girl that makes you feel funny… Cuz I can do all of that and more. I can be the best thing to ever happen to you, and you know it. So give me a chance, and let’s grow together. Don ‘t dismiss all of those feelings that you get when you reread our old late night conversations on your iPad, or the love letters I wrote you so many times, the long texts that you read again and again… And don ‘t dismiss all the damn effort I have put into showing you all of those over the past couple of months.

This is me, I’m of a very small little story tell about me,an African child who grows to see what actually is here. My name is Anthony Armour, I smile, I walk, and I laugh, spoken word is kind of my thing, well I once said that, believing isn’t just shutting its doing and I have done it and here I put my words at every aspect of what I believe in. I have seen what it takes to be left out, because sometimes they feel I’m not worth….. But I am.

My pen falls here

You make a choice when you decide how you will react to any given situation. If you’re choosing (sometimes subconsciously) to complain and think negatively, your natural reaction will be to dwell on the negatives of every situation.

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